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Khanright Dog Training started in 2007 at Chilham, near Canterbury, as a club teaching heelwork to music. It became apparent that many of the gorgeous dogs that came along were very keen to dance but had no real basic obedience training! So pet behaviour training started. The club grew and my daughter Sam joined me to help as the puppy/beginner classes became more popular. After Sam was diagnosed with a large hole in her heart, and had subsequent open-heart surgery, we allowed another club to take over the venue at Chilham while I helped Sam recuperate. So sadly, in May 2010, Khanright Dog Training left Chilham.

In the meantime, in 2008, I met Karen through our joint passion for obedience. We decided to work together and set up another club in the Thanet area. Kearns Hall in Minnis Bay, Birchington was the ideal location and we have been there now for the last four years.

While at Chilham I asked for Kennel Club status, which we were granted together with the club at Minnis Bay, and we undertook Kennel Club Good Citizen tests. However, after 3 years with the Kennel Club, Karen and I decided that the cost of arranging Kennel Club assessors and all the relevant paperwork was too much. We began our own Khanright Awards, ranging from Puppy to Level 3 which is the equivalent of the Kennel Club Gold Award.

For more information on our current training, please see the menu.

Many of our “top class” started with the club when it began, bringing their wonderful puppies and young dogs to us. They have gone through the Kennel Club Award scheme and then on to our Platinum and Platinum Plus Awards. We have our own display team and have enjoyed showing off their talents, finishing with a dance routine!

Christmas is a great time at Khanright Dog Training as we hold a party night for the dogs. (The owners have a great time too!). The dogs play party games, helped by their willing owners and, after a good time, food for the dogs and owners is in order. Everyone goes home tired but excited about the Christmas break.

a few words from jan...

My name is Jan Wilson and I have spent the last 35 years training and rehabilitating dogs. I have a Diploma in Intermediate Canine Psychology from the Ascot Animal Care College. I also have a Grade III from the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers (BIPDT).

I spent the years from 1972 to 1980 in Africa, where I started training with the Police force after adopting a “failed” police dog! My love of German Shepherd Dogs started here and has continued ever since. It has broadened into a passion for training and modifying the behaviour of any dogs with problems.

I qualified for Discover Dogs at my first Obedience competition, and continue today to compete in A and B classes. After watching Mary Ray at Crufts it became an ambition to show that large dogs could also do heelwork to music/canine freestyle. I attended many of Mary’s workshops and won first time out with a routine to “We Love to Boogie” with Khan. We have continued to climb the ranks and now work in intermediate heelwork to music and canine freestyle. I was also approached by Richard Curtis (Heelwork to Music/Canine Freestyle Champion) to help demonstrate the sport at Crufts in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

and from karen...

My name is Karen Pattison. I had my first dog when I was 14, a farm-bred short haired Collie called Chip. I took him to obedience classes in South East London and there my passion and love for my dogs was made.

In my 20’s and 30’s I was “dogless” due to working full time in London and in those days, when dog sitters and walkers were not as readily available as they are now, it was unfair and irresponsible to leave a dog all day while I was out working. I did not get another dog until I became a mum and my children had started school. This was the best time for me to introduce a dog to make my family complete. So, enter Oscar - a Golden Retriever and a true soul mate! We started our obedience again and I loved every minute competing at various local exemption shows. Three years on and I wanted another dog in the family. My research took me to the Flat Coat Retrievers and so I now had two “men” in my life. Marley was a true gent and a pleasure to know and love. Marley also went along with me to classes in both obedience and breed showing. My gorgeous gun-dog won many classes at Exemption shows, looking great both in the show ring and in the obedience ring.

I then decided it was time to have a go at competing with the “big guys” in Open and Championship obedience shows. I thought buying a Border Collie would be a good choice and Chequer certainly was! At the age of 9 months he won “pre-beginner” at an Open Obedience show beating many dogs much older than him. I enjoyed the training and accuracy needed for obedience but, as I had a Collie, I wanted to have a go at what I believe they do best……agility! Chequer really had found his ultimate love, and we are currently still competing at Agility and have now Grade A. Although we have not competed at Obedience for a few years now (I never say “never”!) I still train him and he has not lost his touch. He has been placed in A, B and Charity C classes.

We both love clicker training as a tool to help a dog understand what is required and I have taught him many, many tricks. I love trick training as it is just such fun.

I continue to learn about dogs and feel nothing beats hands-on experience. Khanright Dog Training in Thanet has all types of dogs and puppies and each one has made me realise how amazingly clever all dogs are. From the huge size of a Bull Mastiff down to the tiny Chihuahua! Seeing them with their “working” heads on is just a delight to watch.

I have studied Dog Psychology with the Canine Behaviour Centre and worked through various courses with the Academy of Dog Training.

I now work full time as a dog trainer, giving one-to-one advice, group classes and also offering a dog walking and pet sitting service. This is my dream job and I am happy working with dogs all day long!

To discuss dog walking or pet sitting, please phone Karen on 07837-966028.

For information on all other matters, please call Jan on 07799-370390 or e-mail by clicking here.